Dog accessories with a purpose

Giving dogs the emotional stability they deserve - in style.

Most dog parents struggle with their dog’s behavioral issues. At Merci Collective, we’ve created a fully customizable solution that naturally restores your dog’s balance and helps them overcome any obstacles so you and your dog can thrive - in style.

Then, Merci Collective is the right choice

Fully customizable to meet your dog needs

Healing stone, engravings, size, and color, the world is yours!

Made to last

Handmade with high caliber American craftsmanship

Style & comfort in mind

Because one should never come without the other.

Non medical or invasive approach

The solution is not always in a pill.

Ethical & Sustainable

High quality & Eco-friendly materials - made locally.

We care about you and your dog

This is a love project, so hop on the train and join us.

Now, let's find the right solution for your pet

Successful results you can expect

✔️ Reduced level of stress and fear.
✔️ Relaxed, contained, and happier dog.
✔️ Emotionally, physically, and mentally balanced.

There are no “bad dogs”

Throughout their lives, dogs experience stress, anxiety, and even depression which sometimes results in sloppy habits that can frustrate us, humans, because -as much as we would love to- we don’t speak dog.

This is why it was so important for us to find an intuitive and natural way to help improve every dog’s life. After reading everything there is to read about pets, interviewing top dog trainers and vets, drinking thousands of cups of coffee, and countless hours of trial and error, we finally cracked it!

K…so how?

Have you ever asked yourself:
How do cats know when an earthquake is coming?
Or dogs know how to align themselves north to south when doing their business?
Or birds know when to fly overhead right after you’ve cleaned your car?

Animals are instinctively sensitive to Earth’s electromagnetic field and can feel energies given off by their surroundings. Including energy balance given off by the crystals.

Inspired by Mother Earth and her natural recourses, we’ve designed an accessory collection for dogs and cats that restore their balance.

It’s not just a comfy collar and a “feeling pawesome, might delete later” self-confidence boost.

We take a wholistic healing approach to our products and accessorize your pet with wellness items that are best suited for their emotional needs. And they look great too!

Crystals? Like the Egyptian amulets?

Yes, animals big and small can experience crystals regulating their balance by wearing them or even drinking water that has a stone that putts good, good energy into their bowl.

You can customize your cat and dog collars with a crystal sphere that is best suited for their emotional needs from Mother Earth's prescription.

Aggressive pooch? Blue Lace Agate.
Anxious elderly doggo? Rose Quartz.
Lonely cat? Black Agate.

Our products

Frustrated to only find products that serve functionality or style, we decided Merci Collective products deserve both.

We religiously studied what harness would be best for a dog that pulls on the leash, or a cat that just can’t keep its collar on…no matter how many times you’ve tried bribing them with gourmet sushi.

We carefully curated each element of our collection, from the clasps to the buckles, to putting them on and taking them off seamlessly, we even invented a few custom-made solutions but hey, they deserve it, right!

The perfect solution should come with a great look, which is why we’ve gathered talented designers to create products that look great and are comfortable for your dog to wear.

Sustainable & Made to last

To us, delivering high quality is a no-brainer. Thus, it only made sense to take inspiration from luxury brands to understand how to create and guarantee long-lasting products.

Merci Collective especially considered how the materials should sit both comfortably and securely on your pet because if you put it on, you want it to stay on.

We were determined to make our products Eco-friendly. Merci Collective items are handmade in Los Angeles with vegan leather that is made out of cactus because we believe in local and high caliber craftsmanship.

We’ve put a lot of thought and love into our products, as much as you put into finding the right items for your pet.

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