About us I Merci Collective

Elevated pet accessories made with healing stones, for the companions we love.


When she impatiently scratches behind the closed door, as you are about to come home.

When his dancing tail whips your leg, when you’ve FINALLY decided to get out of bed.

When his walk turns into a pride, because he loves to show you off.

When she suddenly licks your happy face, because she wants to be part of the joy.

Our pets have many ways of showing how intensely they love us.

This is no secret that our furry friends are very sensitive beings.

They love deeply. They feel deeply. And sometimes, overwhelmingly.

At times, they will feel insecure, anxious, worried, or even angry, just like we do.

We cannot prevent them from feeling all of the feelings, but we can help them heal from the ones that ache the most.

We are our pets’ sanctuaries.

With our guidance, they can find comfort, security, and peace.

At Merci Collective, we create tools to support you and your pet, on their healing journey.

We take pride in designing elevated accessories for your cats and dogs, made with 100% vegan leather and embellished with a customizable healing stone that you can choose from our collection, curated to help you heal their pain.

Your love is healing. Our accessories are appeasing.

Merci Collective. Pet accessories, designed to heal.

Created for you and your pet

Introducing Merci Collective - a lifestyle brand for you and your pet, founded as a counterpoint to the average pet store.

Our team of designers and industry experts are making our ideas a reality - creating a trendy pet accessory brand that helps you and your animal live your best life through a combination of well-balanced energies and style.

How? A secret sauce & lots of love

Frustrated by only finding products that serve functionality or style, we decided Merci Collective products deserve both.

We focus on delivering exceptional, sustainable, and eco-friendly vegan pet accessories. Our high-quality products are contemporary and created for extreme comfort for your pet - that’s a win-win right there. Stay tuned for our official launch to discover what makes us so unique.

The meaning behind our name Merci Collective

Mothers protect, warm and embrace us and we should be forever grateful for it. They are the ultimate creator of life on this planet.

Earth has all the resources we need to exist and we love it. Our approach embraces the earth's natural elements by using vegan cactus leather and natural healing crystals.

Remedy is an often underestimated power of emotional and physical healing. We stand by the method of giving natural remedies the opportunity to work its magic.

We believe in art, style, hand-made, local, and sustainable. With that in mind, all our products are designed and handcrafted in the US by experts in our field.

Inspiration is everything and we live to create and design with a constant flow of inspiration to make fashionable and unique products! We are always on the lookout for new ways to elevate the lives of our animals.


We see the world as a collective of animals, humans, and the resources provided by Mother Earth.

We coexist and work together to create a space of comfort, healing, style, and sustainability.

Did you know that pet owners live happier and longer lives...
Wonder why? ;)