How Can I Tell If My Healing Crystals Are Fake?

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How To Throw A Happy Birthday For Your Cats & Dogs!

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5 Things Every Pet Parent Should Know About Senior Cats

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Don’t Let Your Dogs Drink Out of Communal Water Bowls!

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It can be convenient to have communal water bowls, but sometimes they hold more than just water!

Rescue Parents: How To Rescue a Dog For The First Time

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How Much Water Should My Dog Drink?

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Safe and harmless: Which fruits and vegetables can my dog eat?

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Fruits and veggies can be healthy for dogs just like us humans, but some may be more harmful than others.

The Dog and Their Nine Chakra Points.

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Try These Natural Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats!

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What To Do If My Dog Has Cancer?

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Cats and Astrology: What does your cat's horoscope for 2021?

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Dogs and Astrology: What is your dog’s horoscope for 2021?

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Smoky Quartz – Protect Me At All Costs

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The Smoky Quartz Healing Crystal is known as one of the more powerful protection stones in the community. Decrease hostility between your dogs with the powerful Smoky Quartz!

Tourmaline Quartz – The Grounding Stone For Dogs & Cats

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The Tourmaline Quartz Healing Crystal is known to purify and protect the energy around it. Increase your dog’s self-esteem and confidence with the Tourmaline Quartz!