Catnip for dogs: The Ultimate Dognip guide!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 25, 2022

Find out how catnip can help your beloved dog live a healthier life!

Catnip for dogs: The Ultimate Dognip guide!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 25, 2022

Find out how catnip can help your beloved dog live a healthier life!

Green Aventurine Healing Crystal: The Stone of Opportunity For Dogs & Cats

posted byShotaro Nabeya Dec 9, 2021

Find out what the beautiful Green Aventurine Healing Crystal can do for your cats and dogs!

On The Road Again - A guide to travelling with your dog

posted byJessica Brody Nov 29, 2021

If you’re traveling with man’s best friend, you’re in for a treat. Dogs have a way of making everything better.

Best Grooming Tips: All You Need To Know About Grooming Your Dog!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Nov 17, 2021

Grooming your dog is an essential part of being a responsible dog owner, not only will it have your dog feeling refreshed but it is also a great opportunity to bond with them!

The Ultimate Guide to Protect Your Dog from Leptospirosis

posted byJill Raaijmakers Nov 12, 2021

Leptospirosis is a contagious virus that is driven by dog-to-dog transmission. This is a new ' epidemic' that has been targeting dogs. Ever since Covid, we know all too well what it is like experiencing living in a pandemic and all the effects that come with it.

Experts have revealed that a dog’s heart rate increases by 50% when told “I love you!”

posted byShotaro Nabeya Oct 18, 2021

According to science and research, dog's heart rate increases when told I love you by their owners!

Caring for a Senior Pet? These Tips Can Make It More Manageable

posted byRyan Goodchild Oct 14, 2021

If you have a pet, you know about the love, companionship, and joy that they bring to your life each day. You also know about the responsibility that comes with taking care of them. And if your pet is a senior, you’ll need to make extra effort to care for their well-being.

The Definitive Guide to Treating and Controlling Dog Pests

posted byTaylor Phillips Oct 5, 2021

Most people think of fleas when the topic of dog pests is brought up, but the truth is that hundreds of far more dangerous ones exist.

How To Choose The Best Harness For Your Dog!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Oct 3, 2021

There are different types of harnesses that will fit your dog better than the traditional collar. Find out how you can find yourself the best harness for your dog!

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Healing Crystals For Your Dogs and Pups!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Sep 17, 2021

Healing Crystals have many beneficial properties that can be an aid to your dog’s emotional, mental and physical needs! Find out what the best healing crystals are for your dogs!

Crystal Healing: Best Reasons Why You Should Get Healing Crystal Collars & Harnesses For Cats & Dogs

posted byShotaro Nabeya Sep 7, 2021

Crystal Healing is a natural healing method that helps reduce anxiety and inflammation in your cats & dogs. The best way to utilize this method is Crystal Healing Collars & Harnesses!

Everything You Need To Know About Catnip For Cats (& Dogs)!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Sep 1, 2021

Find out what beneficial properties catnip can bring to both your dog & cats!

Crystal Healing Guide: How to Care, Cleanse and Charge Your Healing Crystals!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Aug 19, 2021

Find out how you can best take care of your Healing Crystals for your Cats & Dogs!

Why You Should Buy The Merci Collective Urban Oasis Dog & Cat Water Bottle.

posted byShotaro Nabeya Aug 10, 2021

Find out how the Merci Collective Urban Oasis dog & cat water bottle can help!

The Benefits and Values of Natural Vegan Cactus Leather.

posted byShotaro Nabeya Aug 2, 2021

Find out what the best type of vegan leather is and how it can help future generations!

The Most Powerful Healing Crystals For Your Cat & Dog’s Zodiac Signs.

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jul 30, 2021

Find out with healing crystal are best paired with your cat's & dog's zodiac sign!

Calm Your Dogs and Cats With The Merci Collective Pet Playlist On Spotify!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jul 23, 2021

Check out the Merci Collective Pet Playlist created specifically for the emotional needs of your dogs and cats.

Crystal Healing & Reiki For Cats ands Dogs

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jul 16, 2021

Crystal Healing & Reiki comes hand in hand and can be great tools to heal your cats and dogs. Find out how Crystal healing & Reiki can promote a better life for your beloved pets.

8 Ways To Create A Strong Bond With Your Dog.

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jul 9, 2021

Find out what it takes to create a strong and lifelong bond with your beloved dog.

How Can I Tell If My Healing Crystals Are Fake?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jul 2, 2021

Don't fall for fake crystals, find out how you can determine if your healing crystals are real!

How To Throw A Happy Birthday For Your Cats & Dogs!

posted byShotaro Nabeya May 21, 2021

Learn how you can throw the best birthday party for your beloved dogs & cats!

5 Things Every Pet Parent Should Know About Senior Cats

posted byJessica Brody Apr 21, 2021

Has your cat officially reached Golden Girl status? If so, you may need to start taking somepreventative measures to keep her comfy and healthy in the years ahead.

Don’t Let Your Dogs Drink Out of Communal Water Bowls!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Apr 19, 2021

It can be convenient to have communal water bowls, but sometimes they hold more than just water!

Rescue Parents: How To Rescue a Dog For The First Time

posted byShotaro Nabeya Apr 8, 2021

Owning a dog for the first time can be nerve-racking. Find out how to best rescue your first dog!

How Much Water Should My Dog Drink?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Apr 2, 2021

Staying hydrated is essential for a healthy dog, but sometimes too much water can also lead to health problems

Safe and harmless: Which fruits and vegetables can my dog eat?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Mar 23, 2021

Fruits and veggies can be healthy for dogs just like us humans, but some may be more harmful than others.

The Dog and Their Nine Chakra Points.

posted byShotaro Nabeya Mar 16, 2021

Enhance your dog’s wellbeing by learning about their 9 major chakra points!

What Are The Best Healing Crystals For Cats?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Mar 6, 2021

Find out what the best Healing Crystal is for your cats and what they've been missing all along to thrive!

Try These Natural Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Feb 24, 2021

Find out how you can deal with fleas and ticks with natural home remedies for your cats and dogs!

What To Do If My Dog Has Cancer?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Feb 17, 2021

One of the saddest news to hear from your vet is to find out your dog has cancer. Find out how to help your dog cope with cancer.

Cats and Astrology: What's your cat's horoscope for 2021?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 24, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your cat’s zodiac sign can say about their personality and what their horoscope looks like? Find out more about your cat’s astrology!

Dogs and Astrology: What is your dog’s horoscope for 2021?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 20, 2021

Learning about dog astrology and your dog’s zodiac sign can help you better understand your canine friend’s personality! Read your dog horoscope for 2021.

Smoky Quartz – Protect Me At All Costs

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 17, 2021

The Smoky Quartz Healing Crystal is known as one of the more powerful protection stones in the community. Decrease hostility between your dogs with the powerful Smoky Quartz!

Tourmaline Quartz – The Grounding Stone For Dogs & Cats

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 12, 2021

The Tourmaline Quartz Healing Crystal is known to purify and protect the energy around it. This stone will increase the self-esteem of animals and boost confidence levels for your pet! Learn more about the benefits of this

Clear Quartz - The Master Healing Crystal for Dogs & Cats

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 9, 2021

The Clear Quartz Healing Crystal is known as the most versatile stone at the highest level. If you found yourself agreeing with more than one choice while taking the crystal quiz, Clear Quartz might be your pet's solution. Spark curiosity, increase creativity, and facilitate your pet's imagination with this Clear Quartz crystal!

What Is Causing My Dog’s Anxiety?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Jan 4, 2021

Dogs can experience a number of different anxieties due to illnesses or traumatic events in the past.

How to Reduce My Dog’s Chewing Tendencies?

posted byShotaro Nabeya Dec 25, 2020

Destructive chewing behavior in dogs can be due to many reasons. These are 6 ways you can reduce chewing behavior in your canine friend!

The importance of good night sleep tips to help your pets sleep better

posted byShotaro Nabeya Dec 18, 2020

Just like us humans, a good night sleep will help your canine friend feel more confident and happy. Here are some tips to make sure your dogs get a good night sleep!

Howlite – Tails Up Crystal

posted byShotaro Nabeya Dec 4, 2020

Howlite is a healing crystal best known for boosting confidence in cats and dogs. This healing crystal promotes a better sleep cycle and is perfect for a shy dog or cat.

The Do’s and Don’t’s: Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Dogs

posted byShotaro Nabeya Nov 24, 2020

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Here is a guide on how to safely include your dog on Thanksgiving!

Want to make your dog or cat calmer? Consider Crystal Healing

posted byShotaro Nabeya Nov 21, 2020

Crystal Healing is a technique used by ancient humans and is still used today. Different crystals have different properties that will help with calming your dog.

Recognizing Stress and Anxiety in Your Dogs

posted byShotaro Nabeya Nov 12, 2020

Recognizing stress and anxiety in dogs is very important, these emotions can cause destructive behavior if not handled correctly.

Sodalite - The Expression Crystal

posted byShotaro Nabeya Nov 6, 2020

Sodalite is a healing crystal known to soothe and calm hyperactive dogs and cats. If you have a dog or a cat that loves tearing your sofa apart, this is your crystal.

The habits and routines of a highly effective dog owner

posted byShotaro Nabeya Nov 3, 2020

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility to uphold. Be the parent your dog deserves.

From Preparing to Caring: How to Be a Great Pet Owner

posted byShotaro Nabeya Oct 30, 2020

Are you thinking about getting a pet? We’ve put together this list of handy resources to help you along the way.

New research shows that your 1-year-old pup is actually 31 years old in human years.

posted byShotaro Nabeya Oct 24, 2020

The long-standing myth of multiplying your dog’s age by 7 to convert to human years is not as accurate as you think.

Using Chevron Amethyst to Decrease Fear & Anxiety for Dogs & Cats

posted byShotaro Nabeya Oct 16, 2020

Chevron Amethyst, the healing crystal known to decrease fear, anxiety, and panic attacks. The perfect crystal for a dog or cat that loves barking/meowing and crying.

Keep Your Dog Boredom Free During Covid-19 Season.

posted byShotaro Nabeya Sep 29, 2020

This year has undoubtedly been full of surprises and challenges for the human race. Fires, explosions, deaths, and a worldwide pandemic has forced us to adapt in ways that we had never thought of.

Black Obsidian - The Separation Anxiety Healing Crystal for Cats & Dogs

posted byShotaro Nabeya Sep 10, 2020

Black Obsidian, the healing crystal that reduces unwanted feelings of loneliness and anxiety. If your dog or cat suffers from separation anxiety, this crystal will be perfect for them (and you).

Dog Separation Anxiety: Natural Remedies THAT WORK!

posted byShotaro Nabeya Aug 4, 2020

Don’t let separation anxiety get in the way of your dog’s happiness.