Clear Quartz The Master Healing Crystal for Dogs

posted byShotaro Nabeya09/01/2021

The Clear Quartz Healing Crystal is known by enthusiasts as the most versatile stone at the highest level. Increase your dog’s creativity and imagination with the Clear Quartz!

Known as the “Master Healer”, the Clear Quartz healing crystal amplifies the powers of all other crystals. It increases space in the mind for creativity and imagination to run wild whilst also providing immunity to negative energies for your dog.

What does Clear Quartz healing crystal do to my Dog or Cat?

Clear Quartz is used by many dog and cat parents during training as it increases focus and communication.

It balances and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of your beloved dog or cat.

Your dogs will be sharper during training thus being able to pick up tricks at a faster rate. Your dogs and cats will be able to communicate and understand you better while being more social and confident.

How do I make the most out of my Clear Quartz Healing Crystal?

Whether you have the Black Obsidian for separation anxiety issues or the Chevron Amethyst for vocal and aggressive dogs, Clear Quartz can help amplify and also strengthen the healing properties of other crystals.

This Healing Crystal is said to be a “blank slate for anyone to be anything.”

It purifies the heart’s desires and strengthens the energy focused through it, thus making this an excellent choice for any dogs that suffer from emotional or behavioral issues.

Healing Specialties of Clear Quartz for Dogs.

  • Boosts immune system.
  • Alleviate painful symptoms and inflammation.
  • Cleanses the body, mind and spirit of any negative energies.
  • Brings balance to the energies flowing inside the body.

Behavioral Aid of Clear Quartz for dogs.

  • Increases training focus and concentration.
  • Increases creativity and imagination for better communication with owner.
  • Amplifies and strengthens positive emotions within dogs.
  • Balances emotions to prevent stress and anxiety.

Where to use Clear Quartz for my dog?

Embedding Clear Quartz into their bowl, harness, or collar will amplify and strengthen positive emotions such as confidence, happiness, and contempt within your dog.

Dogs with other emotional issues such as separation anxiety or aggressive barking can benefit from the strengthening effect of this healing crystal.

The Clear Quartz will absorb and reduce all negative emotions while amplifying the aura from the Black Obsidian.

The clear and plain look of the Clear Quartz symbolizes its flexibility and versatility.

Dogs that are naturally more curious or adventurous can greatly benefit from this crystal.

Keeping it near your dog or their sleeping area is the most ideal way to utilize its healing properties.

There is so much that life has to offer for a pure and innocent soul such as your dog. Allow your dog to conquer their emotions and experience everything life has to offer.

Grab the Clear Quartz Crystal and watch your beloved pup blossom into a happy confident dog.

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