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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Merci Collective ship?

We ship all over the US. For international shipping, please contact us at help@mercicollective.com for assistance.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

At this time, we are unable to ship to PO boxes.

When will my order ship?

We usually ship the same business day for orders placed before 3 pm. Orders that are placed after 3 pm or over the weekend will ship the next business day.

Why is my tracking number not working?

It can take 1 to 2 business days for the tracking number to activate. If it’s still not working after a few days please contact us at help@mercicollective.com for assistance.

Can I update my shipping address?

If your order is shipping to the wrong address, please email us at help@mercicollective.com

Return & Exchanges

How do I place an exchange or return?

If you have any issues with your order or wish to return a non-customized item, just email us at help@mercicollective.com and we will quickly respond.

Can I return or exchange custom products?

Our customized products are made to order and cannot be exchanged or returned. Contact us if you have any issues with your product at help@mercicollective.com for further assistance.

How long does it take to receive my money back?

Once the return is approved it usually takes a week to process the refund to your original form of payment.


Can I change or cancel my order?

Contact us by email at help@mercicollective.com for assistance.

Can I check the status of my order?

Easy! Track your order on the “Your package is on its way” email you received.

Can I place a special order?

Absolutely, special is the new normal. Contact us by email at help@mercicollective.com for assistance.


What is the Merci Collective warranty?

All Merci Collective products are tested for durability and longevity. We believe in high standards and quality.
We know when pets are involved wear and tears can happen but if our products are not performing up to standard, please email us at help@mercicollective.com.


Will Crystal Healing really work on my pets?

Crystal Healing has been used and dated back since the ancient Sumerians. Energy undoubtedly surrounds us all, and with animals being more sensitive to these energies, they can greatly benefit from these crystals. Click here for more information about Crystal Healing.

How to decide which crystal is for my pet?

If you need help picking the right stone for your pet take our crystal quiz

How can I recharge my crystals?

Easy! Simply leave your item by the window overnight to recharge it with the moonlight, want to find out about the other methods? Check out our stone care page


How to personalize Merci Collective products?

Check out our customization page

How do I care for my products?

For detailed care instruction, make sure to check out the instruction listed on the product page. For more information check out our product care page.

Where are Merci Collective products manufactured?

We care about the environment and quality all of our leather goods are dyed, cut, and assembled by hand with the finest materials and craftsmanship in Los Angeles, CA.

Our bowls are hand made and fired by a ceramic artist in Los Angeles, CA.


Who is Merci Collective?

Merci Collective is a group of animal-loving individuals that decided to come together and create trendy, customizable, and comfortable animal accessories, that utilize Crystal Healing to restore balance in animal behaviors. For more information about us check out our about us page.

Are you launching new products soon?

YES! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and our social media pages, Instagram & Facebook for exclusive access and insights.