Calling all Gemini Pets!

posted byJill Raaijmakers4/27/2022

How well do you know your pet and all their little quircks and peronality traits? If you answered pretty good, think again!

Your pet's zodiac sign can say a whole lot about your pet's personality and why they act the way they do. So, stay tuned and learn even more about your furry friend.

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about your Gemini cat or dog

What is the Personality of a Gemini Dog?

Gemini dogs are probably one of the most communicative signs. They know how to communicate like no other, so you won’t ever be in the dark on how your Gemini pup is feeling or what they want.

Also, be prepared for some barking and or howling, this is their way of talking to you.

Soon you will recognize different types of barks, indicating the different needs they may have.

Being extremely communicative, makes Gemini dogs real social butterflies. They are likely to love all dogs and humans they encounter. Take them out to the dog park, I can guarantee they will thrive being surrounded by other pups.

Beware and don't let your dog drink out of the communal water bowls, as they may contain bacteria and viruses that can make your pup really sick.

Whenever they’re not being the (social) life of the party, Gemini pups absolutely love any type of game that involves treats.

Take the Fly Away Toy. This is the ultimate toy to take to the dog park and have a fetching party with all of your dog’s furry friends.

When you’re back home, your dog has to try to get the treats out of the secret treat-pocket in the middle of the toy.

However, when your pup gets bored, they will completely shut down. They need to have mental stimulation and socialization.

While other zodiac signs need a set routine to be their best selves, with Gemini dogs you can change this up every now and then.

This Air sign is also the sign of the twins. Quite literally this can indicate Gemini dogs have two personalities or two faces.

This means that in the morning they might LOVE all the cuddles, but four hours later, they don’t want any cuddles at all.

Just spend time reading them, and you will know exactly what they want and need. As I said before, this sign is extremely communicative.

What is the Personlity of a Gemini Cat?

To no surprise, Gemini cats are VERY communicative, just like their furry doggo friends.

Instead they will communicate through meowing, a lot of meowing.

Besides being extremely communicative, Gemini kitties are one of the most intellectual of the zodiac signs.

Because of this, they require some extra mental stimulation to keep them triggered and motivated.

Try a cat toy where your kitty has to get a treat out or a toy where they have to put in a lot of effort to accomplish something or get a reward.

Unlike with Gemini dogs, it is not recommended to change up your cat’s daily routines.

Do not get me wrong, Gemini cats will appreciate surprises here and there, and they need some changes to spice things up every once in a while.

However, DO NOT try and change their set routines, these are sacred to them as cats remain creatures of habit.

What's the Perfect Crystal Match?

Tourmaline Quartz is the perfect crystal pairing for this zodiac sign. Their emotions can vary a lot, even in the span of a single day.

The Tourmaline Quartz acts as a grounding force, which is perfect for the Gemini cats and dogs out there.

Gemini dogs will thrive even more with Urban Oasis Water Bottle infused with a Tourmaline Quartz.

This water bottle is not only extremely functional, it is also the most stylish accessory to bring with you to the dog park.

Your furry friend will stay hydrated, in style. Plus, all your friends, human and non-human, will be jealous of this accessory.

Gemini Cats will LOVE the Merci Collective Catnip. This catnip will make them feel euphoric and full of bliss.

Perfect for when your cat’s emotions are a bit low and they need a pick-me-up to help them feel their best selves.

Fun Facts about your Gemini Pet

This air sign is depicted by The Twins. This may indicate their emotions spinning out of control sometimes, or loving something one moment and hating the same thing a minute later.

Gemini cats and dogs being extremely communicative can help you understanding what exactly they want.

Ruled by planet Mercury, a Gemini's lucky day is Wednesday.

So, take your pup out for a midweek pick-me-up puppuccino. Or treat your genius cat to a new mental stimulation toy.

Keep a close eye on your Gemini pet's shoulders and forelegs, as this is a known weak spot connected with this zodiac sign.

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