Green Aventurine Healing Crystal: The Stone of Opportunity For Dogs & Cats

posted byShotaro Nabeya 12/10/2021

Find out what the beautiful Green Aventurine Healing Crystal can do for your cats and dogs!

The Green Aventurine is also known as the Stone Of Opportunity is a beautiful healing crystal known for its deep purification of your pet’s vital organs.

A heart chakra crystal, well known for dissolving negative emotions. It can settle nausea and works to neutralize the electromagnetic pollution all around us.

This healing crystal was first discovered in the 18th century and was named after the Italian word “a Ventura”, which means “by chance”.

A member of the Quartz family, The Green Aventurine is a versatile physical healing stone that releases disharmonious and negative energy causing discomfort while initiating a purifying effect.

This stone is highly sought after for its unique green tone and healing properties. It complements well energy modalities such as Reiki.

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What is Green Aventurine Healing Crystal?

As mentioned above, The Green Aventurine is mainly quartz usually containing mica.

The color of this healing crystal ranges from a pale green to a deep forest green. Like many things coming from India, this stone initiates a deep purification of your pet’s body, especially the vital ones.

If your dogs or cats have any kind of organ weakness or ailments, this stone is perfect.

Not only that but the Green Aventurine helps your pet adjust to new environments and surroundings.

Whether you are going on vacation, moving to a new city, or a new house, this healing stone can greatly help with that stressful time.

Another great aspect of the Green Aventurine is that it encourages regeneration of your dog/cat’s heart, relieving and even healing tumors that could be causing problems to your pet’s overall health.

What does Green Aventurine Do For My Cats & Dogs?

The Green Aventurine healing crystal is highly recommended for dogs & cats that may be experiencing health issues or have had troubled pasts.

Not only does it help heal and alleviate your dogs & cats symptoms, it uplifts overall physical health, and encourages them to get busy.

Green Aventurine provides strength, confidence, courage and happiness to your dogs & cats.

Instead of getting butterflies in their stomach, this healing crystal will replace that with a burning fire eager to get up and go start the day right.

Crystal enthusiasts have also said that this healing crystal helps lower blood pressure, regulate the thymus gland and help relieve stress & anxiety.

If your dog or cat has experienced past trauma and abuse, this healing crystal helps heal those emotional scars to open them up to have a healthier mindset.

Known as the Stone of Opportunity for the luck it brings, this healing crystal manifests the dreams and desires to those around it. It never hurts to have luck on your side, even for cats and dogs!

One special note to keep in mind is that since the Green Aventurine is known as a growing healing crystal, it should not be used for dogs that have cancer as the growing properties can actually increase cancer cells.

Behavioural Aid Of Green Aventurine For Dogs & Cats.

  • Relieves the nerves from anxiety and fear.
  • Promotes confidence and a healthier style of living.
  • Boosts resistance to stressful situations.
  • Provides Support for disease in the vital organs.

Healing Specialities Of Green Aventurine For Dogs & Cats.

  • Purification of your pet’s body.
  • Uplifts overall health, especially physical health.
  • Keeps emotions in check for better judgement and clearer mind.
  • Stimulates Cell repair, regrowth, and general healing.

Where Should I Place My Green Aventurine For My Cats & Dogs?

Placing this healing crystal anywhere near your dogs & cats is ideal.

Placing one near your dog’s & cat’s hangout spot will really liven up the atmosphere.

Embedding it in your dog’s accessories such as collar or bed is the best way to utilize the healing properties of the Green Aventurine.

It won’t be long until your dogs & cats become more confident and energetic in everything they do!

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