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One Hand - One Touch Design

Enables the owner to easily start and stop the water flow with a single button on the bottle.This button is supported by a built-in silicon seal to prevent leakage.

Hand-Picked Healing Crystal

The collection of bottles consists out of six different crystals to choose from to help restore your pet’s balance by absorbing the advantages of the specific crystals.

Authentic Bamboo Lid

Our finely crafted bottle lid is made of sustainable bamboo. Durable and biodegradable.

Food Grade ABS Cup Piece

Consisting of an O-shaped design, perfectly suited for the animal’s oral structure allowing effortless hydration. To be resourceful, the reflow design of the accessory allows remaining water to return into the bottle.

Explore the Urban Oasis Crystal Collection

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Black Obsidian

Improves Communication & Socialization
Reduces separation anxiety

Chevron Amethyst

Reduces fears, Eases & Energizes
Calming antidote for rage and anger


Tourmaline Quartz

Dissipates Negative Energies
Provides courage and boost self-esteem

Rose Quartz

Love, Harmony & Security
Provides peaceful serenity

Clear Quartz

Immunity, Health, & Wellness
Protects against negative energies

Smoky Quartz

Grounds, Calms & Soothes Eliminates stress while calming anxiety