Tourmaline Quartz – The Grounding Stone For Dogs & Cats

posted byShotaro Nabeya12/01/2021

The Tourmaline Quartz Healing Crystal is known to purify and protect the energy around it. Increase your dog’s self-esteem and confidence with the Tourmaline Quartz!

The Tourmaline Quartz Healing Crystal, known to protect and strengthen the energy around it whilst amplifying the energy focused through it. A great crystal to use for grounding/stabilizing emotional levels for your dog.

What does Tourmaline Quartz do to my dog?

The Tourmaline Quartz Healing Crystal is a combination of the Clear Quartz and the Tourmaline.

Combining the healing properties of both of these healing crystals, Tourmaline Quartz acts as a powerful protective barrier that purifies the energy around it, keeping your dog safe as well as increasing their courage and self-esteem.

This healing crystal can also be used to treat digestive tract disorders while detoxifying the body. It can also strengthen your dog’s immune system and help relieve different kinds of body aches and sores.

Why should I get the Tourmaline Quartz for my dog?

Dogs that are shy and are uneasy can be so anxious and unsure that it halts their growth mentally.

They won’t be able to experience all the fun that the outside world has to offer if they’re too busy being scared.

The Tourmaline Quartz rids all negative emotions in your dogs and provides the courage and self-esteem they need to grow mentally.

Combining both the protective property from the Tourmaline crystal and the amplification effect from the Clear Quartz, this stone is perfect for a dog that’s just starting its life.

Healing Specialties of Tourmaline Quartz for Dogs.

  • Protective barrier that purifies energy around it.
  • Treat digestive tract disorders while detoxifying the body.
  • Strengthen the dog’s immune system and help relieve different body aches.

Behavioral Aid of Tourmaline Quartz in Dogs.

  • Increases confidence and self-esteem.
  • Increases ability to adapt to new environments.
  • Stabilizes and balances emotional levels to reduce anxious or destructive behavior.

Where to use Tourmaline Quartz for my Dog?

Just as with other healing crystals, embedding the Tourmaline Quartz into your dog’s water, harness or collar is a great way to utilize the powerful aura of the crystal.

Placing a crystal near their sleeping space can also be a great way to affect your dog with the various healing properties of this stone.

As a grounding stone, it is recommended to have this stone near your dog at all times.

The calming and protection effect will help promote vitality and happiness in your dog’s everyday life.

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